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Surgeon overheated in the operating room.
Lady sitting in front of a fan to cool herself off. She is holding her hair back and sitting a foot away from the fan.
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Heat Intolerance

Trapped inside because of Heat Intolerance?

Caused by a number of diseases, heat intolerance prevents the body's cooling system from lowering the core body temperature, which leaves people stuck sitting in an air conditioned house all summer. I know because it happened to me.

I talk with people everyday that become alienated from family, friends and even their children because of this medical condition, and I want you to know that you don't have to live with it. You can get outside with a COOLSHIRT® Systems' Heat Intolerance package.

I have suffered from heat intolerance due to MS for 27 years, and IT (heat intolerance) destroyed my career, my social life and almost my marriage. It wasn't until I bought a system from COOLSHIRT that I got the relief I needed and started rebuilding my life.

Passive Cooling | A Short Term Fix

I tried passive cooling vest (aka. as a MS Cooling Vest) first. These are the vest that you put ice packs in sleeves on the inside. These are good for short trips to the store, but they only work until the cooling packs melt.

If you can get one for free, I suggest you try one. I spent $400 on one only to find out that it only stayed cool enough for me for an hour. After which it becomes less and less effective and becomes more and more a dead weight you are carrying around.

Active Personal Cooling Systems

Comprised of a shirt, vest and/or pants that connects to one of our cooling engines (designed based on NASA research), COOLSHIRT's personal cooling systems cool your core body by circulating ice cooled water through tubing that is sewn onto the front and back of the garment. This gives you cooling that lasts 2 times longer.

Systems Designed for You

After 25 years of designing and selling personal cooling systems, COOLSHIRT Systems has a system for every hot situation. Movie stars in blockbuster film productions, race car drivers in all divisions of racing, surgeons in 10,000 hospitals worldwide and people with heat intolerance from Pakistan to Australia use our systems to work, play and live a normal life. You can give up the old fashioned MS Cooling Vest and become independent once more with your very own personal cooling system.

Funding Sources

If you think you won't be able to afford a system, we have a full-time person that will help you find organizations that will help purchase a system for you. To get the process started, click here.

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* "MS Cooling Vests" are the general term for vests with ice packs that you wear to cool your body. The mere fact that they exist, gives healthcare providers the illusion that the heat intolerance problem is solved.

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