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Is Heat Your Enemy?

Many people are trapped inside during the summer hiding in their air conditioned homes because they have severe heat intolerance due to a medical condition. Stuck inside and not able to go outside with their children to play or their loved one to take a walk can be very depressing and just frustrating. I should know because I am one of those people.

For years I have tried the standard MS Cooling vests to remain cool when I went outside, and the truth is these devices are great for short term cooling, but anything beyond 2 hours and someone with a medical condition will be running for the air conditioning to stay cool. Active cooling gives you 4 hours of cooling and comfort. Check out our heat intolerance page.

Press Release 

In the book The Diabetes Reset by Dr George L. King (Workman Publishing, New York) cooling garments sold by Miller Therapeutic Cooling Products are recommended to assist people with Type 2 diabetes in losing weight by activating the bodies ability to burn fat cells. 

A great product to keep you cool for up to 4 hours while you walk, ride bikes, or hike is our Backpack Cooler with a Cool Water Shirt.

Back Pack Cooler Cool Water Shirt

        Backpack Cooler            Cool Water Shirt

How Does It Work?

  1. A cooler holding ice and water has a pump that pushes the water to the shirt or through a hose to the shirt.
  2. The shirt or vest and/or sometimes pants have tubing sewn to the garments that the cold water is pumped through tubing and draws the heat from your core body and removes it via the water.
  3. The water is sent back to the cooler where it is re-cooled and then pumped back through the tubing.

Shopping is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Pick a garment shirt, vest, and/or pants.
  2. Pick a cooler to go with your garment(s)
  3. Pick from suggested accessories for your choices in 1 & 2
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Safe Temp Sensor
Safe Temp Sensor for detecting elevated core body temperature.